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We are India’s first health haven with an exclusive eighty meter indoor running track to minimize running / knee injuries while training. So walk with your soul mate or challenge your friend for a run, or awaken your inner champion, all within the opulence of our club.

We at Ment E Soul, strongly denounce the personal training concept.  For us everyone is exclusive, our select training is not reserved for few but customized for each member. With over 25 unique services which you get only in 5 star properties, we’re continually crafting a suite of destination experiences focused on results through innovation.

At our state of the art club, equipment like dumbbells are on offer in trays with our valet services; no need to re rack or look for helpers, a common sight in local gyms. Ergonomics and comfort is the key as even the lights are motion and eye friendly, connected with censors to ensure your comfort.

With an exclusive garden view overlooking a live water body, in house steam iron and laundry facilities , spotlessly clean floors and environs which are vacuumed and washed on an hourly basis, we provide you comfort and class in your soon to be  second home !

Last but not the least, we don’t sell or promote steroids.

Our concept is fitness for life:  Don’t be a body shop and overdose on steroids. Fitness is a journey not a destination.


MENT e SOUL Fitness helps you get more active, improve your fitness level and your sports performance.


Aesthetically designed spa with modern facilities like Saunas and Steam Rooms, etc.


A modern gym with world class set-up and indoor running track of 80 meters.


A state of the art lounge to rest, meet friends and have a gala time after your workouts.

1000 Happy Customers
80 Specialist
50 Branches
1546 Days Worked
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